A New British Cookbook

Image Credit: Getty Images.

A compilation of recipes, as shared by people living in the UK.

Aromatic Indian-style Rice, Instant Pot (Gary Romanuk)

Auntie Jean’s Chocolate Cake (Helen Craig)

Basque Chicken (Kate Clayton)

Cheese Pudding, Christine Cleveland

Chinese pulled pork, steamed rice and stir fry veg (Zoe Moreton)

Curried Crumpets (Lisa Smith)

Fennel, Salmon, Rice (Cathy Crawford)

Jeannine’s Banana Bread (Cristina Stefan)

Kufta Rice with Mince (Khawla Mizori)

Lemon Roulade (Hilary Clayton)

Macaroni and cheese with bacon and peas (Mark Butterfield)

Miscellaneous Fried Rice (Aaron Andrews)

Nanna’s Apple Pie (Zoe Moreton)

Nana’s Irish Soda Bread (Laura Considine)

My favourite pasta (Rachel Rich)

Parkin Pigs (Peter Slee)

Stovies (Tracey Loughran)

Tuiles, almond tiles (Gaspard Perluson)

Weeknight Noodles (Helen Craig)