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The Frugal Meal (George III and Charlotte) by James Gillray, published by Hannah Humphrey, hand-coloured stipple engraving, published 28 July 1792

The King’s Dinners blog accompanies a British Academy funded project on European Cuisine and British Identity in the Age of Nationalism (PI Rachel Rich, Co-I Adam Crymble and Co-I Lisa Smith). Today’s recurrent nationalism makes it more important than ever to understand processes of cultural exchange and transnational identities. Our project explores the contradiction between an apparent ambivalence towards Europe and a fervour for continental flavour through a consideration of British diets and the adoption of European fare during the first age of nationalism (1760-1837). Drawing on royal menus of the ethnically German king, George III, alongside middle-class recipe books from the Regency period, we examine food within the context of debates about Britishness and European identity.

Blog editor: Dr. Lisa Smith

  • Contact: lisa.smith@essex.ac.uk
  • Twitter: @historybeagle

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